Saturday Night Special (workout!)

The natives are a little restless … well, actually, we’ll put them to bed first and then head to the studio tonite for a special Saturday evening ropes session at the request of my bride (we’ll see what her Fitbit thinks about ropes!) and number 2 (order, that is…) son.

8:45 … open to anyone who wants in on the fun (you don’t have to be a member and it doesn’t cost a dime…).  I coiledropepromise you’ll come away with a fresh appreciation for how much you can be done in by a little piece of string…  Drop me a note via email, facebook, text, etc to let me know you’ll be there!

Here’s the session….   format:  work/work/work/rest — rotation between for the work portions 1) alternating wave, 2) hi-lo claps, 3) 2 hand wave.  Rounds as follows (in seconds):



….. on down to

10/10/10/rest for 1 minute  (or call it a night…)

…. then back up



… all the way back to where we started at

60/60/60/ DONE!

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