River Barn – 7/11/13

Thursday “A WOD in the Park” … River Barn Park is located at 9808 N Cedarburg Road 44W. We’ll have the battling ropes tonite for a good core and upper body blast!


The Workout!!

We’ll have a 6 station battling ropes hub and up to 3 people per station.

All exercises in increments of 30 seconds work, 15 seconds rest.

At each station, up to three folks will do 1 ropes exercise (see below) plus Plank Holds and Mountain Climbers

Round 1 — Alternating Large Wave

Round 2 — 2 Handed Wave

Round 3 — Claps

Round 4 — 2 Handed Slam

Round 5 — Circles

Total “work time” 7 1/2 minutes, Total workout time is under 12 minutes!

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