Referral Program

It is just human nature to share things that make us happy. We all know folks who have a tendency to “over share” and well, sometimes to0 much information is just too much information!  But if something is working for you and you think it could help someone else, why wouldn’t you share!

Our referral program is somewhat unique.  Many places will give you a one time reward when you bring a friend through the door but what we want to build is a monumentally supportive community.  We want you to be in this not only for yourself, but for everyone around you as well. So… here’s the deal.

If you refer a friend and they join on any extended package (not drop ins or monthly), a 5% discount is permanently attached to your own membership.  Refer another .. we ADD ANOTHER 5%.  And it just keeps going. So if you play out the math, yes, you are paid up for life if you are just the world’s best friend and 20 people come on board because you shared your good news.

We like a good win-win scenario.  We hope you do too!


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