Program Notes for Week Beginning 2/23

We have a few schedule adjustments for next week…schedulechange

1.  There will be NO EVENING class on Monday, 2/23.  Jim is flying solo on the homefront for a stretch here and, among other things,  will be attending the Cedarburg High School Jazz Concert.

2.  Falling out of that and taking advantage of a day when night programming would differ, we will move our legs/glutes day to the Monday morning sessions.  (we don’t do a pure legs session in the late evening!)

3.  Tuesday, 2/24, we’ll kick off the Tabata 4x4x4 boot camp with this first week being free preview sessions. The Tabata only format classes will formally begin on March 3rd.  This class will run from 8:15-8:45 pm (the late class will still follow!)

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