Pre-Advent Retreat

Those closest to me know that only a tiny fraction of my life is focused on the kind of fitness we do in the studio. I have a large family and as the stay at home parent, am much more deeply involved in a lot things that I think a lot of dads miss out on.  I have also, since early 2009 been an almost non stop graduate student in a couple different religious studies programs.  In 2012, I completed a masters degree in ministry and this December I hope to complete another in religious studies.  This later degree has focused heavily on New Testament studies and this fall I will be working on my thesis, which, in a nutshell, is looking at the challenge believing Christians face in reading our sacred scriptures in light of the way Christology is presented in inter-religious dialogue.

I’d like to invite folks to join me on part of this journey.  Earlier this week, noted author and speaker Matthew Kelly’s newest book, Rediscovering Jesus, was released.  I was fortunate to have received a pre-release copy of the book and rediscoverjesuscovercan say without reservation that it is a remarkable work. Separated into 40 chapters,  it can simply be read straight through or used in some way to dedicate specific attention to each chapter.  I will have more details on this in a few weeks, but in general terms, I’d like you to join me on a reading retreat over the 40 days leading up to the start of Advent.  We’ll start on October 20th and wrap up on November 28th.  I will provide you with a copy of the book and in return a group of us will check in with each other on a daily basis over that 40 days and perhaps those interested could even meet in person once a week.

Please give this some prayful thought.  I feel very certain that this experience will change the way you look at Advent and have a wonderful on your life as we move toward the overwhelming busy-ness of the holiday season.  Details to come soon .. feel free to connect with me before then if you have any questions.


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