Overloaded? Well, yes …. but there is a way out!

If you’ve hit your 30s, or maybe your 40s .. or especially your 50s and beyond, you’ve probably stopped from time to time to take stock of things in your life.  You are the rare one indeed if part of that assessment didn’t make you wonder when the decline started.  And here you sit today. Energy level much lower that you wish — not just for your own sake, but for those around you. Maybe you’d love to be able a do more with your kids, but just don’t have the oomph for it anymore.  Perhaps you are carrying more weight that you know if optimal — and not because you’re rock solid with lean muscle.  You don’t like the way it looks, the way your clothes fit and the inevitable aches, pains and various ailments that usually come along for the ride.  You would NOT be the rare bird if you’ve told yourself that this was going to be the year. This year, you’d really do it. Really make a change.

So why hasn’t that happened?  I’m not gonna lie to you.  In the midst of the chaos so many of us fight on the day to day basis trying to keep kids activities, a job and a household in order, it can be a struggle to find time for some really important things — being purposely active, eating right, finding some quiet time for ourselves, making quality time with our significant others.  Yep, we have set a world with plenty of challenges.  But here’s the catch — all that stuff we’re fighting to keep up gets EASIER if we take care of those important things!  Work out and eat right and you have more energy.  Spend that time, if only ten minutes, in the classroom of silence with your Creator and you’ll take away a sense of peace with your world.  And it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to tell us that making and spending meaningful time with our significant others is absolutely vital for relationships.  The carefree timelessness of your youth is probably not going to happen, but your relationship needs to breath.

But even if you HAVE decided at least to do the easy one .. work on your activity level (and trust me, this really is the easy one!), there are plenty of options and most of them are going to lead you quickly to just give up .. here’s a few that come to mind….. You could:

  • Join a gym, perhaps even a really low priced one … this CAN be great, but ONLY is you do your homework and go there with a plan most of the time. But most people won’t do that so will stop going  (pretty much the model the gym franchises count on….)
  • Go to a boutique type fitness center and do crazy boot camp style classes … this CAN be great, but has a few downsides. First, it is hard to sustain the boot camp style workout regimen over an extended period.  It is most likely very expensive as well … a couple hundred a month to work out a couple times a week is quite common. (BTW, if you are looking for one of these with a top notch trainer who can give you both an awesome workout AND a show, I’ll refer to you to a great one!)
  • Go to Zumba or something similar two or three times a week …. well, we’re at least getting to something you’ll probably both enjoy and maybe even stick with.  All in all an interesting piece of the puzzle — but I’d don’t think this is enough to 1) hold your interest over the long haul and 2) see real evidence if you need some sort of real transformation.  But you could do worse!
  • Go online and find someone’s canned program .. this can be very good, BUT only if you have the self discipline to actually follow it.  A few downsides of most of them are you do need some equipment that you may not have, you do need to follow their eating guidelines and most of them take much more time than is either needed or maybe even desired.  (if you think you can do this though … go for it .. if you want some guidance on which one to tackle, please drop me a note.  I’ve looked at dozens and dozens and these and have narrowed the field to just a few that are good, flexible and effective)

Or .. maybe all of those have some pieces that sound interesting but none feel quite right.  Here’s what I would suggest.  First, toss the first one out the window.  For all sorts of reasons, unless you’re going there under the guidance of a trainer you’ve hired, if you join a gym, you’re going to gravitate to a bunch of mostly useless (and in some cases downright harmful…) machines, learn a bunch of bad habits and in general get soured on the whole notion that you can do this at all.  However, 2, 3 and 4 all have some merit if you give it some thought — or, find someone who has and can give you the best of those.  That’s what we do.  Some of our workout sessions have that crazy bootcamp feel, but sometimes they are most fun than exhausting.  They have a progression and a purpose beyond just making you tired.  We will dabble in the mass group setting sort of things, but generally as a diversion when folks are due for one.  And the online programs, well, if you read our workouts (which we post for you use at no charge), you’ll find a lot of similarity to what you see in those programs.  The short explanation for that is many of us are operating on the same general principles so the things that get assembled based on those principle tends to be fairly similar.  Very typical to find a sweet spot for a particular mode of training (in our case that would be the battling ropes and using hills), but at the core, we promote a fairly minimal approach, but one which features enough variety to keep challenging you and keep you excited enough to come back for more.  And more than that, we’ll continually remind you (and educate you if you need it….) of those other really important things because when it comes down to choices, the workout is one I’d probably tell you to leave out if you had a day that you had to make that choice.

Mind, body, spirit ….. learn, workout, refuel and rest , pray/meditate … and take care of your relationships.  This is the important stuff but certainly not all you have to get done every day.  Where are your priorities?   Your health and happiness meter get a wonderful boost when you let the important stuff energize the rest of your life.

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