About Our Classes

For those who would like a bit more description of our class programming and services in general, this page is for you!  If you want to see the actual workouts, we post those too!! — and almost always in advance of the session.  See The Workouts tab above!

First, membership options .. full members have unlimited access to all classes. No additional registration is required and no RSVP is needed to attend any class. We do track attendance, but this is mostly for you since many companies offer incentives to employees who are on a documented fitness regimen.  We have moved all registration functions to our studio management platform (HERE).  With it, you not only get an easy way to manage your membership, but an exercise library, goal tracking and can have workouts pushed to you in email if you are away from the studio for a length of time and want to stay on track.

bodyweight_silGroup HIIT — this is the bread and butter.  Most of our group classes are taught in some from of interval training. We vary timing formats and every session is a bit different. Mondays and Saturdays are light to medium full body cardio workouts, Tuesday and Wednesday moderate intensity with Tuesday giving a little more focus to upper body/Wednesday a bit slanted toward lower body.  Fridays we pull in the Tabata format (see below…).  There will be a mix of bodyweight and implement assisted exercises. Expect to see dumbbells, kettlebells and weighted balls often.  We use music, but these are not rigorously choreographed sessions so if you don’t think you can dance, you’ve come to the right place! This is NOT traditional group ex with a miked instructor talking virtually non stop for a hour.  We get in, get it done and get on with our day!  Oh, and about the music. No explicit lyrics and we most often simply stream contemporary praise and worship music. Sessions are intended to be family friendly.   Note — are you looking to offer short, high intensity sessions like this in the workplace?  We can come to you!  Click HERE to drop us an inquiry.

We do teach one more “predictable” session – the 4x4x4 Tabata Boot Camp.  If you examine these sessions though, you’d probably conclude that is it really just another timing variation of HIIT … and you’d be right!


4x4x4tabatabootcamp4x4x4 Tabata Boot Camp — pure Tabata format. 4 sequences, 4 minutes each, 4 target areas (usually 1 each, full body, legs/glutes, core, arms/shoulders).  Warmup and cooldown .. in and out in 30 minutes.   We use this format on Fridays and usually a couple nights a week as well.



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