Opening Delayed by 1 Week

As many are already aware, I sustained a rather freakish injury in late August that while initially seeming to heal quite well, took a rather nasty turn last iDraw TireRope tshirt kettle LeftThursday which put me at my doctor on Friday and ultimately in the ER this past Tuesday. I’ve tried to be desperately optimistic regarding a return date to action. However, as of this morning, while I am mostly ambulatory again, I’m not quite able to bear full weight on the foot.

So, rather than muddle through some half baked version of the vision, I’m going to push everything back a week.  I will plan to be moving into the new location next week (perhaps if I’m able, we can still pull off the Tuesday evening session) and will then start our full class schedule on Monday, Sept 15th.
If you have talked to folks who are interested but have not yet signed up, here’s a window of opportunity as I will extend the extra month off to all signups that come in prior to the 15th (and you get your referrals — permanent, accumulating discounts!)
— Coach Jim
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