Off Season Conditioning Boot Camp Coming Soon

In the last 10-15 years, the rate of injury among early teen and high school age athletes has risen greatly and has hit some rather dramatic levels.  While concussions make up a sizable percentage of the overall injury picture, the reality is that the overwhelming number of injuries are not caused by contact at all!  Add to that the number of nagging aches and pains that don’t keep athletes completely out of competition and we’ve got a recipe for seasons far below what is optimal.  The good news is that we can radically reduce the risk of non contact injuries (and actually better withstand contact!) by doing the right things in the off season.

During the season, focus moves to sport specific training. Some of it is technical training, some of it is is individual and team tactics.  Fitness takes a back seat and if it is offered at all, it tends to be 1) immediately before the season (come on, you don’t really think you can spend the summer on the couch and then the week before fall practice undergo a week of rigorous training and be ready to begin team practices, do you? … sounds more like what you’d do if you WANTED to get injured!) or 2) done at the end of team practice when athletes are tired and little attention is paid to form … again, recipe for getting injured, not preventing it!

So how do we stem the tide?  As us older folks like to say .. “back in the day” we didn’t have the same kinds of issues we have now.  This was largely due to understanding that between seasons, you had to get your level of strength and fitness back up to snuff.  You can’t play your sport year ’round without addressing the physical attributes which allow you to play it at all.  You must put in some work between seasons.

If you are serious about making your next season better, or you know an early teen/high school aged athlete who fits that description, read on ….

Summer Conditioning Boot Camp begins June 15th….

30 minute sessions, offered Monday-Friday. Come every day or get on a 2 or 3 a week cycle.  6:30-7 am  (build self discipline while you build your body!)  June 15th – July 24th. (6 weeks).

Improve your speed and dynamic movement
Improve your balance and agility
Improve mobility and flexibility
Increase your strength and endurance
Reduce body fat and increases lean body mass

Every 30 minute training session focuses on developing the total athlete. Skills, drills and conditioning components work to improve body awareness, balance and the attributes necessary for successful sport participation regardless of your sport. No, you don’t need to spend hours each day training .. what you DO need is consistent, smart, high intensity effort.

The program will be limited to 12 athletes, but we will look at offering alternate class times if needed.

Interested athletes and parents can indicate interest by completing the form below..  The summer conditioning program will run 6 weeks, from June 15th – July 24th.  Cost of the program will be $99.  Registration will open on May 18th.

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