2 New Classes Added Starting This Month!

Our current lineup of 12 weekly classes features 2 early morning and 1 late evening class, each running 4 days of the week. These all share a common format .. most generally described as a boot camp format. The programming is original, using a variety off timing formats, rep and set combinations and a variety of implements. In March, we add a couple more specialized classes — one targeted primarily to the ladies and one that is a bit more amped up than our regular group sessions (though truth be told, you can make those pretty rigorous!). Here are the new offerings.

4x4x4tabatabootcamp4x4x4 Tabata Boot Camp (begins 3/3/15)– pure Tabata format. 4 sequences, 4 minutes each, 4 target areas (usually 1 each, full body, legs/glutes, core, arms/shoulders).  Warmup and cooldown .. in and out in 30 minutes.  Read more (and register!) HERE.  This one will initially run Tuesday and Thursday evenings, 8:15-8:45 pm.

thriveTHRIVE!  — Want something a little different? Fresh and new every single session .. a workout that recognizes the most current fitness science.  12-22 minutes of work bookended by a warmup and cooldown.  Burn fat, build lean muscle.  Look and feel great!  Don’t just survive… THRIVE!  Begins March 17th and will run Tuesday and Thursday morning 10:30-11 am. Read more (and register!) HERE.

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