Monday, October 27th

Coming up on Monday… instead of an implement, we feature and build the session around variations on a movement!  Last week we went (for the first full week in at least a year!) a full week sans burpees!  I know everyone is feeling pretty bad about that so we’ll make up for it on Monday!

We’re going 40/30 with these..  3 rounds.

1. Side to Side Burpees (your jump is to the side instead of up!)whenlifeknocksyoudown

2. Sprawls (take out the pushup at the bottom and no jump at all .. stay crouched!)

3. Side to Side Plank Thrusters (just the bottom .. down once and stay there!)

4. Plank Hold (recovery…. hey, it’s all relative, right?)


This is even more fun in a group!!  Are you in?  Details HERE!

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