Monday, October 26th

A new week coming and that means we must need to hit something!  We’re getting ready to roll out a new class centered about the fitness dummy bags and I’ve most of the program completed.  Following the model of our 4x4x4 WannaGoTabata boot camp with the target muscle groups, this one is built on the format of a championship MMA fight  — 5 rounds, 5 minutes each round.  As it turns out, my version is not anything “new” .. in fact it lays out in the same common sense manner as the Cage Fitness program.  Great minds and all that…..

So this week, we’re going to sample a workout using the template of this new program – this week using only the low bags…. the plan is to open a new class, running once or twice a week using this format .. would love to hear some feedback after Monday’s sessions!

Round 1 — we warm up!  5 moves, roughly 45/15

Faux Jump Rope  |  Tap & Overs  |  End Taps  |  Horseshoe Runs  |  Straddle Crosses

Round 2 — focus on lower body (but all rounds will have core and cardio!)

Scramble Knee Strikes  |  Side to Side Knee Strikes  |  Bridges  |  Bear Hug Squats  |  Lunge to Knee Strike

Round 3 — focus on upper body

Sprawl w/Push Up  |  Slams  |  High Pulls  |  Dips  |  Plank Up/Downs

Round 4 — STRIKES!!

Vertical Side to Side Open Hand  |  Jump Strikes  |  Full Control Jab/Elbow  |  Single Knee Side Control Strikes  |  Blitz!!

Round 5  — A Little Core and We Cool Down

Caveman Situp Punches  |  Guard Strikes  |  Guard Twist Crunches | .. cool down with remaining time

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