Monday, October 12th

There’s no fancy image for Monday’s cardio “fit”-boxing session … it will look more or less like this… (yeah, we’re going there … no, we still don’t “dance”…)

First Sequence Off Bags
…. singles, punches onlykeep-calm-and-kickbox-on
S2S Crosses
S2S Double Crosses
Jack & Jab

F2B Uppercuts

F2B Double Uppercuts
S2S Tap it out……
….. combos, punches only
Left Jab, Right Straight
Right Straight Only
Right Jab, Left Straight
Left Straight Only
Jack & Jab
Left Corner/Straight/Jack
10 Jacks
Right Corner/Straight/Jack
S2S Tap it out….
….. kick only sequence, singles and combos
Left Round Kicks
Right Front Kick/2 Left Round Kicks
Right Round Kicks
Left Front Kick/2 Right Round Kicks
S2S Tap it out
Rest 90 seconds
…. repeat .. on bags except for uppercuts
…. but we’ll adjust as needed for the group as we go … as they say in the infantry … “Follow Me”
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