Monday, May 4th

Circuit day so out will come the toys!!  Here are the projected stations .. we may drop a couple of these depending on oie_305420dLGR3Al0numbers since we are down at least a couple folks for the early bird sessions all week.

Dumbbell Snatch

Resisted Run in Place

Slam Ball Burpee + Broad Jump + Burpee

Hi/Lo – Wide/Narrow Squat Jumps (or steps)

Pike, Crunch or Rollout — Using the Rower (turned around…)

The Giant Weighted Hula Hoop

Sandbag Front Loaded Reverse Lunges

Kettlebell – Start on Knees, Bottom Up Press, Stand, Waiter Carry, Turn, Back to Knees, Switch Arms and Return

Wavemaster Bag Slalomcircuit_20150504

Swiss Ball – Squat + Side Toss and Catch

HEAVY (3x) Rope Wave

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