Monday, March 9th

We’re going to do a rare ropes session on Monday in a somewhat different configuration with a full room width hub ropeman … call it a minimalist Monday and assuming typical numbers, we’ll even abandon the fancy electronics, instead using a partner as our timer! (oh of course there will be music .. I mean really, who works out without music?) We’ll stay away from hard core lower body stuff today since this week’s Tuesday is legs and glutes!

So, assuming partners, it looks like this:  (should we have a crowd, first .. hooray!!! .. second, we’ll do the below in a timed sequence!)

1 person will be on ropes and continue an exercise until the partner completes 25 jumping jacks and 10 pushups

We’ll shoot for 8 rounds, but will happily add a few if the group blows through the 8 in under 14 minutes or knock a round or two off if it looks like we can’t contain it to under 22 minutes.  For the 8 rounds, here is the sequence on the ropes:

1. 2 hand whip and drag

2. 2 hand palms up wave

3. Twin corkscrews forward

4.  Reverse whip and drag (with hop!)

5.  Seal jacks

6.  Left facing single corkscrew

7.  Right facing single corkscrew

8.  The old standby…

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