Monday, March 30th

A quick announcement as we begin (for my Christian friends) our most holy of weeks…

There will be no classes at all on Thursday (THRIVE!, 4x4x4 Tabata Boot Camp and late night Group) as we observe Holy Thursday.  We will have our Friday early morning sessions.

Monday we’re hitting head to toes … mostly body weight only (though there are some opportunities to add hand weights or plates if you want to amp up a few of these… Not a member? Join us for a free preview! Click the image to the right to let us know you’ll be joining us!

40/20 — 4 rounds

1.  Walk outs –bodyweight_sil– to amp up, you can add a pushup at the bottom or have a pair of  dumbbells waiting and do a pushup and rows at the bottom and even come all the way up with the dumbbells and add a press at the top

2.  Overhead squats — we’ll use bands and keep them under tension .. you can use a weight plate instead to add to the difficulty.  If not flexible enough to go overhead, hold a band or strap under tension straight out in front of you

3.  Plank jacks — from low plank to amp it up

4.  Soccer taps — to a riser or a med ball

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