Monday, December 8th

Welcome to another Monday .. another busy weekend and I’ve actually taken two consecutive days off for the first time in quite a while .. so time to get back at it!

We’ll do some work traversing the space on Monday …. a little work assisted by the tire on one end, just body weight work on the other.  All the back and forth will be done as a walking lunge!

(note — you may start on either end!)

You have 8 minutes to finish the three … if you finish with time remaining, your “FUW” (finish up with…) is Jumping Jacks.

Sequence 1 — Mountain climber x 50, traverse, Pushup x10, traverse  — repeat this 3 times

Sequence 2 — Burpee/Jump Up/Burpee X5, traverse, Squat x10, traverse — repeat this 3 times

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