Monday, April 27th

circuit-visualCircuit day!!  We’re going to do a throwback circuit this week and pull out a few toys you may not have seen in a while along with some of our old school favorites… here are the stations!  1 minute on station x 2 rounds

1.  On the mini rebounder .. 2 in/2 out

2. Cage bag bear crawl drag

3.  Super hula hoop4_28

4.  Rowing .. tension provided via resistance bands

5.  Skateboard pikes OR crunches

6.  Bosu side/side pushups

7.  Heavy ball squat and press

8.  Agility ladder (movement TBD at setup time!)

9.  Landmine squats

10.  Jump rope

11.  Riser side travel stepovers

12.  V-Sit med ball figure 8s

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