Monday, April 13th

Mondays are the new circuit day .. out come the toys!!!  Here are the stations for Monday, 4/13.  We’ll use these at 5:15 and 6 for sure, with a few mods likely for 10:30 am and 8:15 pm.  Mondays are great day to come do a free preview!!!  Click here to give us a heads up you’ll be joining us!

Order TBD when we set it up but this one is more of “these are a few of my favorite things” so order of execution need not match order ocircuit_20150413f physical layout!  Clock will set at 1:10 to account for a bit of transition time, but basically a minute on station, move and start right up .. visit each station 2 times.

1. Slam Balls

2. Slosh Pipe Up/Downs

3. Kettlebell Figure 8s

4. Wheeled Pikes, Cruches or Rollouts

5.  Heavy Mallet Tire Whacks

6.  Weighted Traveling Plank on the Agility Ladder

7.  Length of Mat Dixie Cup Shuttle and Restack

8.  Swiss Ball Plank

9 .  Bosu Single Leg Glute Bridges

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