Mid Morning Class Returns 9/8!

Our mid morning (10:30 am) class, previously called “Thrive!”, returns on Tuesday, September 8th. This class will follow the same programming schedule as the early morning sessions.cropped-logo2015_512x512.jpg

Mondays and Thursdays are bodyweight cardio (hand weights optional if desired!), with Mondays being dialed back just a tad to start the week and will likely feature cardio kickboxing inspired sequences. Thursdays we amp it up so that anyone who really wants to bang out a challenging session is able to do so!

Wednesdays are our leg and glutes days.  On Friday, we roll out a quartet of Tabata formatted sequences.

Unlike the Spring, no reservation is required.  As we begin to also roll out the appointment only”Group of 1″, note that even if you are only one to show up, we’ll still run this session and it is available either as a $5 drop in or simply as part of all members’ unlimited class package.

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