Make It A Family Affair!

We are very much about encouraging not just couples, but families to do the workouts together.  A quick look down our sign in roster shows a whole bunch of groupings of same last names and that’s awesome!  However, we should address the “how old do they have to be?” question.

In the current facility, we can (depending on the day’s programming) run classes for about 20.  Some activities might be optimal with a few less, some days we could go a little higher with no problems.  The normal size of groups at present is quite a bit below the max.  So is there room for extras … fairly small children even?  Yes, indeed!  This can take a different forms.  There is an area at the back of the studio that is used during the school year for an after school program by our partner Tae Kwon Do school. Kids could sit at tables and color, read, do homework, etc back there.  Here’s your rule of thumb .. if you’re comfortable working out and just having your kids within visual range, by all means bring them along!

Even better and gets more to the heart of the things we want to promote… why not have them work out WITH YOU!! We don’t use complicated machines, don’t play obnoxious music with explicit or even suggestive lyrics and in general do a lot of stuff that kids look at and don’t even view as exercise — for them, it is play!!  They have fun. They see you doing your workout and almost universally seem to think that this is a great thing.  You get to see them doing something that doesn’t involved staring at a screen, twiddling with a game controller or going down the rabbit hole of time wasting they do on their smartphones.  Win. Win. Win.


6 year old Campbell intrigued by the big bar set in a landmine unit .. that the bar probably outweighed her was no obstacle to trying it out!

Back to that .. “how old” thing. You know your kids.  The activities during our sessions are already easy to modify on the fly for a wide range of fitness and intensity levels. Where there are weights, bars or balls, they can go lighter. When we use the battling ropes, they can go shorter.  Some things might turn into partner moves. Most other things .. well, the little ones often can do it better than us old folks and inspire us!  I used to say “from 9-90” but just last week, we had a session that included a pair of 6 year olds.  They had a blast and the only sad part for them apparently was that our 30 minute sessions go by too fast!!

So let’s take one more excuse off the list … we don’t have child care during our sessions. That’s not to say that won’t eventually be in place as it would be great for moms and dads or very small children could join us easily!  But a little bit older?  Bring them along … cuz you know what?  Excuses don’t burn calories!

Ready to check it out? Join us for a free preview class!! Click HERE and let us know when you can join us!


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