Lessons Learned From a (not so…) Minor Injury

So here it was … 10 weeks of the summer fitness boot camp, 2 sessions every weekday morning, in the book and looking ahead that Sunday evening with a bittersweet sense of both accomplishment and longing for it to go a little longer and wham, a single step changed the course of everything in an instant.  For all I’d put myself and others through over the 10 weeks of summer, it wasn’t enough to ward off a freakish accident in my own living room.  Taken out by a toothpick, which was driven deep enough into the bottom of my foot to cause me to go down like a sack of grain being thrown of a truck.  In the house of a large family, one gets a good bit of experience stepping over, around, through and yes, even on a few things.  Legos were the worst. Well, at least that’s what I used to think. Now I guess a stout toothpick takes the prize.

This put me in front of my doctor...

This put me in front of my doctor…

Initially things didn’t go too badly.  A little swelling and a little tender but progressed nicely for a few days. By Thursday morning, I thought I’d turned the corner.  By the middle of Thursday afternoon, things had started to go south.  So I saw my doctor on Friday.  She was impressed but not terribly worried and got me on to a course of antibiotics which kicked in quickly and brought about some improvement.  However, by Sunday, things were not going so well. Another call to the medical folks. Verdict … so far so good.  Well, in spite of optimism at that point, things went from bad to worse. I had not been able to walk upright since Saturday, was moving around the house in most peculiar ways to keep the foot and leg horizontal (oh well, some of that animal movement training paid off….) and the top of my foot was beyond gross.

Tuesday. Back to the doctor. She comes in, sees the foot and the first words uttered were “you are going to the emergency room”. Hmmm. That makes things a little complicated.  My wife was supposed to be heading out of town on business for a couple days and her mom, who’d taken me to the doctor, had plenty on her plate already, having had knee surgery during the summer. Lesson… I am more blessed than I know.  Time stops, my bride of almost 20 years meets up with us at the ER.  An x-ray (good news), a few slices across the top of my foot (relief), a little drainage (more relief), more meds and bandaged up.  It was probably as good as we could have hoped for.  Time to heal.  My wife departed a little later than she’d hoped but I’m sure didn’t leave without some huge concerns.  Others would fill the gaps.  Lesson.. I am more blessed than I know.

And now on the mend .. looks way worse than it feels!

And now on the mend .. looks way worse than it feels!



So now it is Thursday. I can stand up again, even do something resembling walking.  Tomorrow I anticipate being able to drive again. Next week, schedule pushed back a full week, I’ll finally begin the long awaited move into the new office and studio.  This was a disruption. In the grand scheme of things, a blip on the radar at best.  An uncomfortable couple of weeks marked by a number of folks, especially my wife’s folks, our evening sitters, my kids and especially my wife, covering all the stuff I usually do. Lesson .. I am more blessed than I will ever know.

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