Killing time?

We’ve all heard and most of us used the pithy phrase “killing time” but rarely do we pause to think about the implications of such statements!  Time is a precious commodity .. once spent, used or otherwise simply “gone by”, it is a resource we cannot recover.  Or can we?  Much of what we’re about at No Bounds Wellness attacks that problem in a different way. It is our sincere belief that that you can, in a sense, “turn back the clock”!  We may have wasted some years that have gone by us .. bad habits have a way of producing regret.  But what if you got a mulligan? What if you really got to reset the clock back a few years.

You’ve probably heard me say before something like food being the most abused drug and exercise a very underutilized cure. While that’s actually quite true, it doesn’t really paint a very positive picture and we’d like to be “glass half full” people.. yes or yes?  My formula for this “turn back the clock” is the approach I took beginning close to a decade ago .. or at least that’s when I started assembling it.  Goes like this….

1.  Get some sort of strenuous exercise every other day .. now, for most of us this means we go to a gym, a studio, a trainer or press play on an online video or DVD. In the not so distant past, we mostly have occupations and lifestyles that filled the bill. Not so much any more.

2.  It is okay to take a day off, even 2 in a row if you think your body requires it, but don’t take a 3rd day off.  But even better than taking them completely off is to do something less strenuous .. walking is my favorite and I’m a big fan of yoga too..

3.  Rest .. not just days off .. I mean real rest as in get enough sleep. Everyone is a little different but very few can sustain a high level of activity for very long without getting something north of 7 hours of sleep every night.

4.  Hydrate. We are largely made up of water and lack of hydration has very harmful effects on the body’s ability to heal itself.

5.  Eat real food but realize that you may still have some gaps in nutrition. Address those with supplementation. Real food.. what’s that? Well, to keep it simple, if you walk around the perimeter of a grocery store, most of the stuff you find there is real food .. it was once alive. The stuff down the aisles in boxes, bags and jars .. well, it may have started as real food but the stuff that has been added to keep it safe in its packaging isn’t.

6.  Spend time on your relationships. Having quality relationships reduces stress .. stress, like a lack of hydration has ugly effects on your internal systems.  One of those relationships is the one with your Creator.  Unless you are really an Atheist (and from what I’ve observed, the real deal is pretty rare…), you have some inkling of the Divine. Regardless of what you call that, you’ll find your life has a distinctly different rhythm when you are right with your Maker than when you aren’t.

That’s my formula and it is pretty basic .. there are a few things that I should point out that fall in line with the above, but perhaps deserve to be called out on there own.  2 in particular.  First .. there are some things which may seem perfectly natural, but in the quantities we consume them, well, not so good.  Biggest culprit is processed sugar. Sugar is at the root of a whole lot of problems we experience. If you could give it up entirely, you’d be healthier. This is a daunting task because even if you put aside that we just plain love the stuff, giving it up is quite challenging because it shows up everywhere!

Second .. the whole aging process is, in my opinion, pretty misunderstood.  We attribute a lot of woes to aging that are much more the product of bad habits.   Bad habits age of faster, good habits slow that way down. But here’s the secret .. even if you’ve gone a couple decades or so with bad habits, IT IS NOT TOO LATE!!  The human body has an astounding capacity to heal itself.  Changing your behavior is possible and can have astounding results.

bluetribeapril2015Do you need to make a change?  Maybe .. the bigger question is this though .. do you WANT to make a change? Old habits are hard to break, but in as little as 3 weeks, you can put yourself on a recovery trajectory that is itself so habit forming that you, like me, can turn back the clock.  A vehicle for this is our monthly challenge groups .. you’ve heard me refer to The Blue Tribe before.  If you’re ready to make a change, we can help.  Use the contact link above to contact me .. I’ll tell you what The Blue Tribe is all about.  At that point, it is up to you. You can just stay put. I get that. Change is pretty hard.  The thought of change is really daunting!  You could take the info I give you and try to put it into action yourself. Some can pull this off and if you can, well I salute you!  Others will realize that the best and most logical way is to have a support community around you.  If you got this far .. at least drop me a note and find out a little more.  There is no cost and no risk in going that far!

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