Just One Thing?

Change is rarely easily and changing unhealthy habits into healthy one can be a daunting task.  Pick any “program” out there (you know .. the one’s they sell on the infomercials for example) and you’ll find that a massive overhaul of lifestyle is required.  Now mind you, those programs for the most part really do work if you can follow them pretty close to the way they are laid out. But therein lies the rub … going from zero to working out for an hour a day 5-6 days a week might not exactly fit anywhere in the schedule if yours is anything like mine. Eating very specific meals at very specific times every day is extraordinarily hard to sustain for busy families.   Again, it isn’t that these programs don’t work, but rather to make them work, you need to follow them very closely and for the overwhelming majority of folks, the requirements simply aren’t very realistic.

All that said, many do desire to make some real changes and many SHOULD make some real changes.  But with so much to do, how does one actually eat the proverbial elephant? Well, we’ve all heard this one …. you eat it one bite at a time of course. If your “elephant” is getting yourself back to living a healthy lifestyle, the same advice applies. My will join a gym or buy some DVDs or bring home a fancy exercise machine with the best of intentions only to have the enthusiasm lapse quite quickly.  In our soundbite culture, we’ve come to expect things to happen fast.  But not everything is well suited to the quick fix.  Surprisingly, in spite of the common behavior, we actually do realize this because I often get this question …. “if I could only change one thing, what should that be?”

Now the heart and soul of what we do is provide creative and enjoyable group fitness sessions so the easy answer would be to just show up.  But let’s say you were absolutely serious and were really willing to make exactly one change… what to do?  Truth be told, few can tackle all that they have to tackle all in one blast so committing to one thing at a time might not be the worst strategy .. success breeds success and momentum does build.

Start by eating with intent.  Being mindful of what you are eating and drinking as it applies to your goals is a realistic step and the one I’d start with if I was committing only to one thing.  Once you start thinking hard about whether what you are eating is contributing toward progress or inhibiting that progress will change the way you eat — what you eat, when you eat and how much you eat.  You can’t out-exercise a lousy diet anyway, so get the part under control first.  Spend 30 days working on it. You’ll feel better and things you thought you couldn’t live with out will get easier to avoid. Once you start feeling the effects, you’ll naturally start looking for the next thing to work on .. make a goal, achieve the goal, set a new goal …. a winning formula!

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