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I’m not sure that I know anyone in my curious circle of friends near and far who would pass up the opportunity to do a good deed .. and most go out of their way to do so on a regular basis.  So while we focus a lot of energy on building up our bodies, I don’t ever want anyone to lose focus on the wider mission we all have.  I’ve taken a couple different sa_community_logo_2approaches to expanding the reach in the past year but flying largely solo in those efforts just wasn’t getting much traction.  Oddly, I was sort of ignoring one of the cornerstones on which I wanted to build this little project — the power of community.  We’re better when we work together. Duh. Kind of a no brainer.   Joining the Sweat Angels network was a light bulb going on .. yes, we can do good and yes, we can do MORE good working together.

This month, the beneficiary of our Facebook check ins is buildOn (http://www.buildon.org/) .. I encouragscreenshot-www.buildon.org 2015-08-08 07-30-15e you to check out the work they are doing .. in particular, take a couple minutes to read their founder’s story. Powerful stuff. You don’t have to look and listen very hard to see that we’re living in a pretty broken world. Sure, our own little piece of the pie may be just fine although we’ll readily whine about our “first world problems”, but deep down we know we have a responsibility to do more for those not as fortunately.  If you are a social media user, this is an easy one. Just check in on Facebook when you come to class. You’ll be making a difference and I’ll continue to let you know in very tangible terms what that simple act is doing.  Just this month, every 4 check-ins buys a brick. Many of you come to class 3 or 4 times a week.  Wow .. doesn’t take much math to figure how a whole community of folks just doing that simple act of checking in on Facebook when you show up at a member location can in just a month’s time put up an entire building.   The power of community ….

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