Jim’s Supplementation Regimen

Several folks have asked (particularly in the context of how I keep up the rather chaotic schedule without completely falling apart!) So.. here’s what I take .. grab a quick reference card in the studio with the product codes and the url for ordering. (I included the product links below as well)  I’ve never been a big advocate for supplementation but am certainly reaping the benefits now!

1. Healthy Body Start Pack, which includes:
* the BT multivitamin mix to make sure I get all 90 minerals, vitamins, amino acids and essential fatty acids. I found for myself that the daily dose was too much for me. I take the BT only every other day.
* Osteo fx — this one is for bone health. It has not only the calcium, but also helps absorption and has the bone matrix nutrients. I got rid of most of my joint pain with muscle imbalance correction, but still had enough nagging pains to be annoying.. these have now subsided. I take this one every day .. BTW, arthritis is not a necessary condition of growing older… this stuff proves that!
* EFA — unless you eat a lot of fish and nuts, it is unlikely you get enough essential fatty acids .. I love fish but my bride doesn’t eat anything that swims so we’re a fish free house .. this stuff fills that void and I take it twice daily
2. Rebound fx — hands down the best sport hydration drink mix to be found anywhere. Use it before, during and after rigorous workouts in place of just water. We need to drink a lot of water daily, but this stuff replaces all the minerals we sweat out.
3. Selenium — everyone should take Selenium. It is an essential trace mineral that helps the body make use of antioxidants .. studies show addition of Selenium radically reduces risk of pretty much every form a cancer. I take this one twice daily.

The Osteo and the BT are available separately but using them together seems to enhance each other’s effect. I’d love to think I could get all this stuff just by eating right .. sadly, that just isn’t true. I’ve been using these things for a couple months now and have become a believer. After trying quite a collection of different things over the past few years, these are the first things that have really worked for me.





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