January Challenge “Winners”

Honestly, if you showed up, you’re already on the right path .. a few got started a week or so late to hit the numbers, but we knocked out a good month to kick off 2015.

The following all got in more the 10 sessions and will get a month extension added to their membership (yep, a free month for showing up!winners

Gerry and Judy H., Dave and Kim K,  Heidi H, Tim and Julie F, Mark and Robin T, Joel C and Cathy P

Additionally, we set a higher target for an additional special “something” .. the following can look forward to a little surprise next week!

Gerry and Judy H, Dave and Kim K, Heidi H.

Super job across the board … and we’re going to repeat it in February … attend 12 to get a free month, 15 adds on a special “something”!

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