It’s All About Balance!

awodithplusyogoMajor update (and UPGRADE!!) to A WOD in the Park, Summer 2015!

We love the high intensity format for workouts, no matter what the exercises, accessories or timing formats, but too much of anything without something to balance it out can be a recipe for pain beyond the good sort of soreness you experience after a good workout.  And for the summer parks series, we’re honoring that balance with a great announcement today!

We’re expanding the workouts and pairing most of them with a Yoga cooldown.  We’ve teamed up with Paula Evans 2015-05-28 12-10-56( for Tuesday mornings and Thursday evenings.  Paula teaches at YogaOne in Cedarburg and does a myriad of sessions for workplace wellness and in support of Rare Earth Farm just north in Belgium, WI.  We’re very excited to be able to combine the high intensity workouts with the benefits of yoga and thrilled to have Paula joining our planned Thursday sessions as we join her planned Tuesday morning practice!

Sessions as follows: (note — we’re starting next week instead of waiting until the school year ends!)

Tuesdays, starting June 2nd (Cedar Creek Park) 10:30 am workout | 11 am Yoga

Thursdays, starting June 4th (Cedar Creek Park)  7 pm workout |  7:30 pm Yoga

Participants are encouraged to bring their own mats and accessories but we’ll have mats, blocks and straps on hand as well!  BTW, never experienced yoga?  Come see what you are missing!

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