I don’t exercise because….

As a culture, despite our rather pronounced obsession with “pretty people”, we are quite sedentary.  Many are tied to jobs which by their nature don’t allow a lot of movement.  We have an unbelievable range of electronic distractions that are best used when sitting still.  We consume a vast array of things which honestly only barely qualify as food and the associated coma-ish feelings afterward do not exactly make one feel like exercising.  But overwhelmingly, the most oft uttered excuse is that folks claim they just don’t have time.  Now .. never mind what they “do” find time for and in plenty of cases, it is more a matter of priorities… I think part of this is driven but what we think is required.

Look at the picture to the right … chances are when someone mentions “getting in shape” or “working out”, one of these three things probably comes to mind.  Well, if that is the case for you then you are probably right. You don’t collage-2015-07-03have the time!!  Or better put, you don’t have the time that would be required to make those activities effective.  I’ll put aside the treadmill and the elliptical … besides being fairly marginal in effectiveness, they are so mind numbing that .. well .. really?  But what about running?  Running is good, right?  Well…. running can be a great cardio workout. Maintain something in the 6 minute per mile pace, and you’ll at least be burning a measurable amount of calories per minute – at least  or so ..  Not too bad, right?

But that pace is the catch … a 6 minute mile is much more intense than I generally see around the neighborhood but even if do manage it, you have to do it for a long period of time if you want to burn a significant amount of calories…

Fortunately, you can be more effective AND more efficient … and do it without the pounding or aches and pains that running brings… while it’s great to burn calories while you train, you need more intense activity to make that efficient. The great news is that doing something more intense will not only burn more calories DURING your workout, you’ll keep burning calories after you finish.  You simply cannot get this afterburn effect with the low to moderate cardio which I see every day.  So what should you do instead?  Here’s a few suggestions .. first and foremost, keep your session down to about 30 minutes.  A little warmup time and a little time after to stretch leaves you something around 22 minutes to do your workout.  And the workout?  Here’s one wesession_20150701 did this week at the studio.

This one required no equipment and not a huge amount of space – you could easily do it in a small yard!  You can find more like this by visiting our sessions archive. We publish every group training session we do at the studio and you can view hundreds of them HERE!

Have a look around and if you are intrigued by the notion of getting more workout done in less than 30 minutes than you can probably get in upward of 90 minutes, come preview a few classes. We’ll give you a whole week of sessions to help you decide! Click the green link over on the right and give us a heads up when you’d like to check it out or simply ask a question. We’re here to help!



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