ex_outsideWelcome to A WOD in the Park!  Let’s face it, no one really NEEDS to exercise because we’re all just naturally active, right?  What?  That doesn’t sound like you? Oh, you sit in meetings or in front of a computer or behind the wheel of your car most of the day? Hmmmm….. okay, I guess you DO need to exercise!

Unfortunately, most of us are not naturally active for large portions of our day.  We do sit in meetings. We do spend too many hours sitting in front of a computer screen. We do spend too much time sitting in whatever it is that transports us to those places so that we can sit .. notice a theme?  Sit, sit, sit…. The way I see it we have two huge problems when it comes to our health.  First, we sit too much! Second, we put an awful lot of junk in our bodies that really shouldn’t be there (but we’ll come back to that after we get you moving!)

I get it though .. exercise is boring and takes too much time. Who has a couple hours a day to spend at the gym on a mind numbing machine.  Here’s a secret you’ve probably heard but might still not believe… that kind of exercise is not only not generally very effective (unless you’re training to enter the elliptical olympics or something…), it may actually be somewhat counterproductive.  At the very least, you probably don’t think it is much .. well.. FUN!



So let’s switch things up a bit. Let’s get out in the fresh air, in open spaces and break free of the monotony.  A WOD (workout of the day…) in the park is your ticket to working exercise back into your life.  Thirty minutes .. yep, and sometimes not even that.  Come spend 30 minutes with me just once or twice a week. Outside. In the fresh air.  In a park. Hey, who doesn’t love a park!  We’ll do a guided warmup followed but 15-20 minutes of focused training and then transition back to life.  The workouts scale naturally to your level of fitness.  You go as hard or as easy as you need to. But let’s at least get moving again. Oh, I should mention the cost .. these group sessions are, um… FREE!

The sessions will move around to locations local to my home in Cedarburg, WI.  We have many parks here and in the surrounding area.   Sometimes we’ll have some equipment to work with. Sometimes I’ll bring a few accessories. Sometimes we’ll ourselves be all the equipment we need just by showing up.

Let’s Get Moving Again!

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