Happy 50th @ Cedar Pointe 8/13/13

So… our 8/13 A WOD in the Park falls on Coach Jim’s 50th birthday.  I had thought about some sort of workout themed around the number 50 but instead, I’m just going to go with a ropes based session.  We had a similar workout planned for the night at River Barn, but there were but 3 of us in attendance.  So, bringing this one back so all can join in the fun!


The Workout!!

We’ll have a pair of 6 (and possibly 8) station battling ropes hubs and up to 3 people per station .. this format will easily accommodate 48 people so bring you’re friends!

All exercises in increments of 30 seconds work, 15 seconds rest.

At each station, up to three folks will do 1 ropes exercise (see below) plus Plank Holds and Mountain Climbers

Round 1 — Alternating Large Wave

Round 2 — 2 Handed Wave

Round 3 — Claps

Round 4 — Lateral 2 Handed Wave

Round 5 — Circles

Round 6 — Rope Jumping Jacks

Total “work time” is 9 minutes.  We’ll only go through this once … if anyone is up for a finisher, we’ll do some sprints!


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