Hang on to those goals!

This morning I achieved a bit of a breakthrough .. back at the beginning of 2014, I set a pair of fitness related goals for myself … 1) complete a wall assisted handstand pushup and 2) conquer the double under.  Seems simple enough, right?  I mean, really, I had already been training 4-5 days a week for several years. I was running group classes with original programming every day.  The regimen was (and continues to be…) far from perfect but in general, I was walking the walk.  And that pushup, well, I’d gotten that one by mid March.  The double under remained elusive.

Now, a couple caveats.  First, coordination in general is not exactly my strong suit.  I’m not a klutz, but I have more moments than I’d care to admit.  Second, I was actually actively training to get the double under. We incorporated the jump rope periodically, but it wasn’t exactly a front burner thing for me.  2014 passed and with a solid year and a half of sporadically hunting the double under had gotten me nada.  2015 rolled around and I didn’t actually set any arivercutsthroughrockspecific goals. I had gotten into a reasonable groove, had packed on a bit of lean muscle and had gotten a lot stronger (to say nothing for being pain free and medication free in my early 50s … pretty cool…).  But the monkey was still on my back and each time the jump ropes showed up, I’d make a fool of myself trying to get that double under and do well just to stay vertical.

Until this morning … hard to say what made the difference. Maybe it was taking it outside. Maybe it was a little leftover glow from celebrating Father’s Day. Maybe I just wasn’t over thinking it.  But I got one.  Then I got one, a few singles and another double.  Before the three morning sessions were done, I’d gotten 5 together – separated by a few singles, but in the same pass.  Next up .. string ’em together.

After all the crazy stuff we’ve done, I just can’t remember feeling quite the sense of accomplishment I got from something so simple.  Have you ever a set a goal and haven’t reached it yet?  Hang on to it. It is never too late!  Let it bubble to the top for a few days. Tell me about it!  You CAN make it happen!

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