Grand Opening Monday, September 15th

The day is finally right around the corner! After a serious setback the final week of the summer, coach is up and around again and fired up to get things started.  First class begins at 5:15 am on Monday morning and will feature, of course, the battling ropes!

If you have already registered, expect a note from me later on Sunday with a few helpful instructions and reminders.iDraw TireRope tshirt kettle Left

If you’re planning on attending but just haven’t registered yet, today is the last day to get that done and pick up the extra free month that will carry you all the way into mid January with unlimited classes.   Do that right HERE

For my core group which has been busy recruiting folks, do feel free to pass on to them that they are welcome to attend a free preview of any class before going ahead with the signup.  They’ll miss out on the free month but we’re happy to have new members start any time.  The current class schedule will stay in place until at least December 12th.  We may or may not do some adjustments after that (most likely adding classes).


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