Grafton Lions Park – 7/9

Here is the rough outline for our workout on 7/9 .. we’ll play the number of rounds a bit on the fly based on the weather .. we’ve got heat and humidity today and same expected for Tuesday so we’ll adjust accordingly..

All of these involve THE HILL … up to 3 per station (if we have more than 15 folks, we’ll adjust!)

1.  “reel” … 50 foot battling rope .. you’ll reel a heavy item up the hill

2. “tow” … 25 foot battling rope … you’ll drag a heavy item up the hill

3. “carry” … carry a sandbag or barbell plate up the hill

4. “bear crawl” .. ‘nuf said ..

5. “get up the hill” … run, walk .. just get up the hill

What we’ll probably try for is doing as many stations as you can in 15 minutes without doing the same one back to back.  Rest as needed and go at a pace you can handle.


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