Friday & Saturday, November 27/28

We’ve got just a single morning class on Friday and Saturday … we haven’t hit anything yet this week, so we’ll get that in with a bit of combo upright and floor bag circuit…  we’ll change stations on the minute and look to get around 45 seconds work per station, looping it twice … here’s sort of a visual..

12 bags – 3 rows of 4

Row of large upright bags – strike

Row of lower upright bags – kicks

Row of cage bags – strikes with hand and kneestkdsunset
A         B          C
D         E          F
G         H          I
J           K          L
A – Jab-Cross (right lead) B – Jump Strike C – Round Kick – (left leg)
F – Jab-Cross (left lead)  E – 180 Scramble Knees  D – Round Kick (right leg)
G – Backhand Strikes  H – Single Knee Control, 2 and Over  I – Fan (TKD outside crescent) Kick (left leg)
L – Jab-Cross-Hook (alternating lead)  K – Bag vertical – open hand slaps  J  – an (TKD outside crescent) Kick (right leg)
For the 2 fan kicks .. these are similar to what some may know as a crescent kick — if you have done a form a martial arts which uses these and are experienced with using it to strike, by all means contact the bag. Otherwise, you can use the bag for balance only.
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