Friday, November 28th

Or… as retailers and shoppers across the United States know it.. Black Friday.  Sounds kinda ominous to me and quite a number stories, both fanciful and pretty dark,  exist regarding the origination. My favorite explanation comes from the rumor busting site … read the article HERE .. quite interesting!

Well, nothing ominous about our Friday … just a fun little circuit to ease some of the guilt over your Thanksgiving food/drink indulgence and get you loosened up for whatever you are doing with your day after Thanksgiving … here are the stations…. all rep counts are “10”; if a bilateral exercise, 10 means 10 each side.  Thursday night preview will go as normally scheduled.

1. Dumbbell Burpees (okay, for some, that might seem ominous….)

2. Donkey Kicks

3. Elevated Kettlebell Deadlift with High Pull

4.  Alternating Reverse Lunges with Reach

5.  Suspension Tricep Extensions

6.  Suspension Bicep Curls

7.  Bosu Squats

8.  Plyo Box Step/Jump Overs

9.  Sprawls

10. Med Ball Woodcutters

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