Friday, December 5th

Circuit day in the studio .. this one needs a few toys but like most exercise, many of these will have mods you can do with either alternative implements or none at all…

Here are this week’s stations…. you pick the order, but don’t avoid any!

2 on the suspension trainer — inverted row and suspension pushups   Reps = 10 and 10

2 on the tire — elevated mountain climbers and step up/knee ups (each side)  Reps = 50, 10whenlifeknocksyoudown and 10

Pick one — jumping jacks or jumping rope  Reps = 100 either way

Pick one — burpees or sprawls   Reps = 10

Bosu Squats  Reps = 10

Bent rows (kettlebell and plyo box)   Reps = 10 each side

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