Friday, April 10th (Early Morning Group & Mid Morning THRIVE!)

For Friday this week, we’re going to borrow our 4x4x4 Tabata Boot Camp format but use a standard split protocol for the exercises. We’ll divide the space into 4 quadrants and in each quadrant specify a pair of movements. 3 will feature an upper body/lower body swannatabataplit and the 4th will have a pair of core exercises.  You choose the order. Alternate between the 2 exercises for the 8 rounds, doing each 4 times.  2 minute break between quadrants.

A1 – Pushup    A2 – Alternating Reverse Lunge

B1 – Dumbbell Thrusters  B2 – Frog Hops

C1 – Sprawls  C2 – Goblet Squats

D1 – Med Ball Seating Russian Twist  D2 – V Sit Pushdowns

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