Free Park Session Tonite!

Seems the word is getting around and that’s great!!  But also seems that I haven’t done a very good job this summer at explaining what this is all about! Time to fix that.

A WOD in the Park launched in Summer 2013 as a follow on activity targeted at families to the pre-practice training sessions I was offering to all my soccer players and coaches.  At some point in the Spring, someone suggested that it would be fun to keep going in the summer, and, well… so we did!   The free summer program was born.  Unfortunately, it gets a little challenging to keep up the outdoor programs when the weather turns cold and winter activities indoors bring up inconvenient things like rent so the we run paid activities as well and those continue to grow.

So why keep doing the FREE sessions?  Quite honestly, this is your chance to “try before you buy”  Most people need some sort of mechanism to keep them accountable. We’re all busy and we live in a culture that just never seems to slow down.  For working adults, especially those with families, fitting a fitness regimen into the schedule can be daunting.  Our paid group programs try to address that .. short, intense sessions available outside the work day and access to private studio training to fill in gaps and help you toward specific goals.  Bottom line .. you could call these sessions my advertising.  Ultra low pressure though — the only sales pitch you are going to get is a stack of flyers and business cards.  Come to the web site, read what’s going on.  We post everything and some folks can probably take that and just work with.  For most of us, being part of the group is a key element in becoming consistent and accountable.

The free park sessions will often be lifted right out of the paid sessions so they are the real deal.  The parks will always have a playground so as long as you don’t feel the need to hover over your kids, but can deal with just keeping them in view for 30 minutes we want you to just bring the kids along.  Age 8 (roughly) and up should join the workout (really!) while the littles enjoy the playground.  No strings, no pressure.  Just come grab a little fresh air and a fun workout.

So what’s on tap for tonite (7/17)?  We’re at Willowbrooke Park in Cedarburg every Thursday through the end of August.  7 pm start. (Tuesday we roam around — you canIMG_1173 see where we’ll be — and the workout we’ll do — HERE.

Tonite …. Ropes “plus”

IMG_1242We’ll do 5 combo exercises on the rope, combine a standard alternating wave on the rope with a common bodyweight calisthenic movement .. work period 30 seconds.  We’ll alternate between that 30 and 30 seconds of “choice”  You can do pushups, you can plank, you can do burpees .. you can even just rest (just don’t sit down!).

Each round last 5 minutes.  We’ll do 3 rounds. Between rounds, we’ll have marked off a loop in the park .. grab your water bottle and take a brisk walking lap. “Active rest”.

Hope to see you tonite!



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