Between the feasts session tonite!

One big feast day behind many of us with another coming up to launch the new year! Many of us have been at this for several weeks already hitting various holiday events for work, school and family.  We need to take the time to enjoy those, but it is really easy to start feeling as if we’ve just eaten and drank to much and start beating ourselves up about it.  There’s no need for that!  Getting healthy again is a journey and on every journey you’re going to have a detour or to.  Enjoy the scenery, but let’s get back to work!

We’re back tonite with another new twist!  Both sessions are on tonite at NSAA in the first floor gym.  We’ll have a few ropes tonite, but we’re going to use them a little differently tonite … but I’m not gonna spoil it!

…. and a major announcement coming soon!!


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