Fall Schedule Begins Soon!

Have you noticed how much shorter the days are getting already?  We’re creeping up on the mid point of August and you can sure tell summer is winding down with all the school activities, registrations, sports, orientations, etc already in full swing.  So … time for us to get ready for fall!


A few tweaks for the fall .. we currently run a 6:30 am session — that one will slide up just a tad and begin at 6:15.  Our evening class will move back out to its normal 8:15 pm start and expand back out to run Mon-Thurs.  And we have a new session — which will begin earlier, starting up this coming Saturday, August 15th .. Saturday mornings at 6:30 am.  So the updated lineup looks like this…

Monday – Thursday: 5:15 | 5:45 | 6:15 am  and 8:15 pm

Fridays:  5:15 | 5:45 | 6:15 am

Saturdays:  6:30 am


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