Evening Tabata – 5/19/15

wannatabataWe didn’t get to use this one last week, so we’ll tee up some pairs from last Thursday’s early morning 10 exercise sequence , alternating between exercises on the 20 second work blocks…

1a.  Side Jump Burpee   1b.  Seal Jack

mod this down to an (elevated) step out burpee with travel from plank position along with step jacks

2a.  High Plank Sitouts   2b.  V-Sit Foot Taps

mod this to a(n elevated) cross body mountain climber and seated Russian twists

3a. Plank Jack   3b.  Power Jack

mod this to (elevated) plank step jack and total body extensions

4a.  Back Lunge Pulse  (left leg back)  4b.  Back Lunge Pulse (right leg back)

no mod needed other than decreasing the depth of the lunge.

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