EPOC explained

EPOC — Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption — is a key to fat loss, but certainly is a misunderstood topic. In a nutshell, you can do do mild cardio like walking on a treadmill or distance running at a moderate pace and burn some calories, but the benefits are largely limited to the duration of time you are actually exercising. Now this is not a bad thing, but if you have a choice between good and better, well, not a hard choice, eh? Enter interval training. Back in the day when I was a competitive runner, we did Fartlek training, which was a running version of what we now call High Intensity Internal Training (HIIT). These days, I’m only competing against myself and find that distance running is just a tad harder on my joints than I care for when I can get more bang for the buck. What interval training, more specifically, interval training that 1) gives you a total body workout and 2) is done at an intensity level that repeatedly approaches muscle failure, gives you is calorie burning for many hours AFTER YOU STOP. The study below details the science behind what happens to you body… see http://www.drlenkravitz.com/Articles/epoc.html to grab the source article.

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