Drop Ins Welcome!

Since a huge part of our philosophy is helping folks be accountable, we’ve not really encouraged the periodic drop in as a part of the programming. Well, starting Monday, 12/22, we’re welcoming drop ins for just $5, but with a little incentive.  You may do the $5 drop in as many times as you want and if you decide to come on board for the much more economical membership, we’ll refund every bit of your drop in fees.  So, if you are not ready cropped-logo.pngfor a commitment, but want to see what it is all about, come on in!

If you just want to try a single session before formally joining, drop me a message …. we’re still happy to offer a free preview!

This coming Monday and for the next 2 weeks, the mornings will include a third session … pick from 5:15, 6 or 6:45 am.  Each session is 30 minutes.  Monday, 12/22 we’ll be doing mostly a legs and glutes session and will finish up with a few rounds of Squats, Pushups and Burpees as we continue the 14 day 1500/1000/500 challenge!

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