Daily Reflection, 12/26/14

Today’s thought reminds us to not just see the light of our creator, but to help others see it too – even (and perhaps especially) when that means getting out of the way.  This one comes from John T. Faris, and early 20th century faris_bookofcourageauthor and clergyman.  Perhaps his best known work is The Book of Courage which is available as an ebook from the Gutenberg project HERE.

The keeper of the lighthouse does not launch any ships, it is true, but he keeps many a good ship from going to wreck. The light shines farther than the keeper can see and brightest when he cannot see at all. Two things he has got to remember – to keep the light burning, and never to get in between the light and the darkness he is set to lighten.

This reminded me of that great little bit from St Francis of Assisi … “Preach the Gospel at all times and when necessary, use words…”

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