Cedar Point – 8/20/13

As promised, we’ll be doing a movement sequence that some will recognize as somewhat similar to Pilates.  Developed in the early 20th century by a German gymnast as a set of exercise for rehabilitation of wounded soldiers, we often associate Pilates with a number of accessories including small and large balls and some curious looking machines. Tonite we’ll stick to bodyweight only but stick with some of the core Pilates principles alignment alignment, concentration, control and breathing.  The sequence we will use tonite has a bit of yoga flavor to it as well — if you have a yoga (or similar) mat, please bring it along .. we’ll be spending most of the sequence on the ground!

I don’t claim to know the names the exercises carry, so I’ll just describe them in terms I do know!!

We begin with a short breathing and centering exercise…

Then.. (this will be a narrative rather than reps/sets/etc..)

Get into a low side plank hold position onto your left elbow and raise your right arm to the sky .. we will be reaching down with the right arm all the way under our bodies…

We’ll then move to a high side plank and repeat the reaching motion

Come back to a regular high plank.. hold for about 10 seconds and lower down into a low plank hold .. hold for about 5 seconds before beginning to move hips from side to side, tapping the ground on each side.. return to low plank and then raise backside up into a position similar to the downward dog … repeat this 10 times, coming to the high position fairly quickly, but lowering back to the low plank slowly.  Then drop back down into the child’s pose and hold..

Next we are down on our belly in a superman pose and will do a series of 4 exercises…  Superman swim | Floating Seal | Superman flying |  then.. arms back and Heel Clicks.

At this point, abs will probably be burning .. we’ll ease back in child’s pose and hold for about 15 seconds before pushing up onto the right elbow and repeating the low and high reach throughs.

We continue the sequence by coming into a high plank hold and then repeating a contraction up into a downward dog, followed by a sweep down into cobra..

In the homestretch now .. steady in the high plank .. single arm raises .. 10 right, followed by 10 left, followed by a final 10 alternating..

We finish by sliding back and holding child’s pose while breathing deeply…


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