Total Body Burpee and Squat Blast – 1/21/14

Tonite we have an all body weight, total body blast session .. no ropes, no weights … just you!

Following the warmup, we’ll do three rounds of:

1.  Prisoner squats w/bottom hold — 3 count hold at bottom  X 10

2.  Walking Lunge (approx 15 yards)

3.  Cross Body Mountain Climber X 20 (10 each leg…)

4.  Walking Lunge back to start

5.  Amped up burpee —  3 pushups at the bottom, 3 jumping jacks at the top   X 10

Rest for 2 minutes and repeat for the total of 3 rounds.

Remember … Thursdays are gone for a while … we start Fridays this week.  5:30 and 6 pm and we’ll be doing a slight tweak on our “20 in 20” workout.



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