Be Good AND Do Good!

It almost goes without saying that getting to the gym is good for you (never mind how you’ll feel at dinner time tonite if you already got in your leg day!!) But what if while you’re doing this good stuff for yourself you can also be doing good for others? Wouldn’t that be sweet!!  Wish granted!!SweatAngelsLogo3x3

No Bounds Wellness is very happy to announce our alliance with the Sweat Angels Community. The premise is pretty simple.  Instead of us doing a bunch of cheesy and pushy advertising (which just isn’t our style anyway and if that’s what we had to do to stay open, we’d probably just fold the tent….), we get simple visibility via you checking in on Facebook.  You check in, a count gets kept of check-ins across the whole Sweat Angels network and every month, a charity gets a monetary donation. Can anyone way win-win?

This month’s check-ins go toward the building of schools .. in tangible terms, every 4 check-ins across the network buys a brick.  Working together, in just a August_5month, we can fund an entire building.  So if you are a Facebook user and have the app on your mobile device, take a few seconds to check in when you arrive .. don’t just BE good … DO good!


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