Are You “CC”?

You’ve seen them … those infomercials for this, that and other latest and greatest fitness program. They look interesting but you are skeptical. You need not be … pretty much anything out there has the potential to get you great results if you have the discipline to follow through with the collection of workouts AND dietary guidelines prescribed. Or, you can join larger groups in various dance inspired formats. These are equally effective assuming you can keep up with a series of movements that your brain may have problems convincing your body to execute.

If any of that sounds familiar, we can probably boil down your past efforts to get fit to three main problems .. 2 of these you just have to buck up and make happen (albeit with perhaps a little advice and encouragement) and the other is our sweet spot.

1. Self discipline … contrary to popular belief, this is not genetic! You have the ability not just to break bad habits, but to create new ones. Easy? Well, not necessarily. But think of it this way – if it was easy, wouldn’t everyone do it?

2. Diet. In the past, I was a firm believer in the “just eat real food” mantra. Okay, that isn’t completely in the past. Given the choice between eating clean and relying on processed this and processed that, of course eating clean is better. However, there is a catch that until recently I haven’t really wrapped my brain around. Eating real food is great and there is complete truth in the saying that you can’t out exercise a bad diet, but what you’re eating, even if you are are extremely disciplined here, isn’t enough. There are 90 minerals, vitamins, amino acids and fatty acids that we need to support the structure and function of our bodies. How do you get those? We’ll circle back to the that in the coming weeks.

3. Here is where so many of us could use some help. Once we’ve hit a certain age, we pretty easily convince ourselves of all the things we can’t do anymore – if we ever could. First, a kinda funny personal story. I have in scrapbook an award that dates back to the mid 70s .. a few scraps of paper pasted together with the words “Super Dancer Award” .. ha.. funny stuff. Apparently in middle school, I was somewhat more coordinated! Fast forward a few decades. I come upon Zumba. Looks fun. Okay, it does require some dance looking stuff, but hey, I did win the super dancer award after all. Turns out, I couldn’t actually doing anything that resembled Zumba. It was even more ridiculous than what I attempt to pass off as Yoga! Bottom line .. now in my early 50s, I have “CC” .. I have become “choreographically challenged”. The condition, I have determined, cannot be cured but fortunately it is not fatal.

Perhaps you are CC as well? But you know you need to exercise. Lifting weights is an option but you already have a set of weights in the basement and you already know you won’t use them. You need something that is going to push you a little bit, create a bit of accountability for yourself and well, no dance moves! You found us. We are the cure for the choreographically challenged. Oh, you think you can dance? I’m happy for you but you’ll have to save your moves for, oh, maybe the jump rope … I still haven’t quite mastered that!

cropped-logo.pngWant to learn more? Drop me a note below, come preview a class .. just stop making excuses for what you can’t do and start making it happen!

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