April Member Perks!!

april_member_promotionOkay, no April Fool coming tomorrow .. putting this out today so you can get a jump start… here’s the scoop. I know many of you are talking to friends.  Keep it up!!  And bring them in for previews!!  To “encourage” this sort of thing and hopefully really give it a little boost, for the entire month of April all referrals will not only be doubled (to a 10% discount).. but also the discount is permanent.  And just to make things interesting, we’ll throw a little prize out…

Water Bottle US #2045 - Arbonne-All members referring 3 or more folks who register in April will be entered (1 entry per referral so no need to stop at 3!!) for an Arbonne Energy Pack and water bottle .. retail value a shade north of $125.  So let’s pack the place!

Energy Set US #6154 - Arbonne-

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